Payne Performance Horses -
Horse Training & Show Preparation

Our comprehensive training programs attend to every detail of your horses' development and are based around established Western training principles.

We take all breeds of horse for residential training, for durations of time to suit you, your horse (and your budget!).

Our aim is to help you and your horse work in harmony with each other and we offer all owners the opportunity to learn along with their horses and encourage you to take advantage of free weekly lessons (either ridden or on the ground) whilst your horse is with us.

The following list is not exclusive but gives an idea of some of the training help that we can offer:

  • Halter starting and Ground working young horses
  • Backing and Starting
  • Problem Solving with young or older horses with ridden or handling issues, including loading and leading
  • Ridden training for all levels of horse for competition or pleasure riding
  • Show horse preparation before and during the show season

We can also compete your horse for you at all levels of competition both in the UK and in Europe. [click for more..]

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